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A Note From Me || June 2017

Dear Everyone:

Living and learning and teaching and working and growing and falling and healing, in Toronto, for the past decade, has been the experience of a lifetime and a childhood dream come true. To every single person who has crossed my path, who has touched my heart, who has taught me a thing or two about human-life-on-Earth, I bow to you in gratitude and deep, deep appreciation.

But, there comes a time when the need for space and trees and stars can no longer be ignored, and it is by following the knowing of our wise, ancient hearts that my husband and I have decided to leave the city of our dreams for the wilderness of our longing.

We are currently in the process of relocating from Toronto to the North Bay area. Once we have found our home and settled into our new rhythm, my clinical practice will be revived. Its shape may be different, but its purpose will always be the same: to offer people a safe space to be, to breathe, to open, to widen, to share, to grieve, to grow, to heal, to heal, to heal.

For those of you seeking treatment in the city, I highly recommend Laura Burns (R.TCMP), who has taken over my practice at Liberty Movement & Wellness. You can contact Laura at:

For those of you seeking treatment in the North, I encourage you to keep checking this site for updates &/or to connect with me on Instagram @mahinamedicine.

Life is change. Change is life. It's hard and it's scary and it rattles us to our core sometimes. But it's beautiful, too. The letting go, the shaky knees, the deepest breath, the never knowing, and the leap of faith. It's the wildest ride and we're all on it together and my wish is that we keep on being kind, keep on being brave, & keep on trusting that the Love we carry will carry us home.

With love and infinite gratitude,


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