AcuDetox Circles

AcuDetox Circles are safe spaces where individuals can experience the benefits of acupuncture without having to undergo in-depth medical and lifestyle assessments.

The Circles offer a peaceful environment in which to meditate, practice mindful breathing, or simply rest, while strategically placed acupuncture needles work their magic on the body, mind, spirit and heart of each participant.

These needles—placed in the ears—have been shown, in various studies, to promote deep detoxification of the body, to alleviate the symptoms of substance withdrawal, to improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and to promote restful sleep. Participants can expect to leave a Circle feeling more relaxed, balanced and grounded.

The Circles are absolutely safe for people of all ages, as as well as pregnant women. 

Attendance is limited to ten participants, so reserving a spot is strongly encouraged, and fees are Pay-What-You-Can (cash donation only). 


It is a great honour for me to offer these Circles as I believe that the benefits of acupuncture should be accessible to all.

See you in the Circle.

Full Moon Circles

Coming Soon to North Bay!

To find out know when/where the next Circle is taking place &/or to reserve your spot, send me a message.